The Movement

OPEN YOUR HEART TO ALL is a social movement that emphasizes thinking about each other in ways that produce compassion, inclusion, respect, and understanding for all others. OPEN YOUR HEART TO ALL aims to improve the entire world, starting with one person at a time.

Each person has their own thoughts of what OPEN YOUR HEART TO ALL means to them. We hope each embraces OPEN YOUR HEART TO ALL when meeting, seeing or listening or engaging with others.

The goal is that one person at a time, becomes a million people, then a billion, then the entire world population, each and every one of us thinks OPEN YOUR HEART TO ALL. We want people to invest in the effort to understand and respect people, near and far, to think about each person and their situation or position, now and in the larger picture of life and the world. It is an individual approach that sets the foundation for the OYHTA movement and bringing a new perspective for community, education, business and global transformation.

It is important in the 21st century, in life, in our communities, institutions and in the world that we embrace each and every person. What if each person’s thoughts was infused with OPEN YOUR HEART TO ALL for every moment and personal interaction? This could lead to more inclusion, compassion, respect, understanding, caring and kindness. We will all be better participants in life and its challenges and discover some interesting things, and enhance our ability to collectively make decisions. With this broad impact, we will re-think our approaches to the future and where it may eventually lead us.

If we all join the OYHTA movement, then the greatest conversations, ideas, and dreams for improving our world can become our reality. We hope that this approach will transform perspectives that create systemic change at micro and macro levels, and improve morale, achievement, world understanding, and peace for humanity.

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